Measure For Measure and the Saline New Horizons Band join in "America: and The Battle Hymn of the Republic" (video courtesy of The Saline Post)
The University of Michigan ROTC Honor Guard presented the colors as Measure For Measure sang the national anthem
"The American Salute", conducted by Dr. Joseph Labuta
The Band features trumpet soloist Gary Maki in "Dramatic Essay" (video courtesy of Tom Cubberly)
Measure For Measure conductor Steven Lorenz introduces "Blow Ye The Trumpet"
A few tears appeared when Measure For Measure sang "Tell My Father"
A veterans color guard (including Measure for Measure's own Dave Smith in his dress Coast Guard uniform) presented the colors of each branch of the military as the band and chorus saluted veterans with a medley of songs of the Armed Forces, under the direction of Dr. Labuta

(video courtesy of The Saline Post)

In the finale, Mr. Lorenz led the combined band and chorus in "America the Beautiful" and "The Battle Hymn of the Republic"
Before the final verse could finish, the crowd of almost 900 people spontaneously rose in appreciation

(photos courtesy of Jim Hale)